Omnivex Technical Services

Multi-purpose support

The Omnivex Technical Services team provides value-added services that will help your organization get the most out of your digital signage investment. We offer a wide range of support services which address all of your digital signage system's needs.

Remote diagnostics, on-site installation, project consulting, software customizations and our in-depth training, coupled with the generous benefits of our well-regarded support and maintenance program, ensures that your digital signage system is being seen by your intended audience.

Support & Maintenance

Our Application Maintenance and Support program (AMS) ensures that you have access to our 24/7 support team, forums and free software upgrades. These services ensure that you are never far from answers to any of your questions.


Training services at Omnivex ensure that you are more than a competent user. Experience structured lessons by our knowledgeable training staff in-house or at our corporate office. Our training program provides you with the skills to get going fast.

Staging & Installation

We can create, test and configure your hardware and software set-up to ensure that what you dream your digital signage solution to be becomes a reality. Additionally, our lab ensures that your signs are never dark.


Enlisting the services of Omnivex early in the planning stages ensures that you have access to our extensive knowledge of digital signage system integration. Our proven track record in hardware, software and networking ensures your success.

Software Customization

The Omnivex Software Development Team is here to help you incorporate your specific requirements. We can design and develop custom scripts that interface with our applications so you don't need to adjust your specifications.

Remote Diagnostics

With you over there and us over here it is good to know that comprehensive assistance is not out of reach. With your permission, our Technicians can assist you by troubleshooting any issues you have with your digital signage system.