Company Profile:
Started 45 years ago...

Company Profile

From a TV repair organisation to leading Edge IT Support

The name CompuClinic has become synonymous with quality, reliability and service. From the early days of the Wireless and Bing Crosby through to the introduction of Plasma TV, Notebooks, PDAs and an interconnected World of Digital Information, CompuClinic's parent business, Telefix, had been there growing, developing and always adapting to ensure their position as one of Adelaide's leading names, and a proven leader in the Computer and Electronics Service Industry.


Years of Industry Knowledge

  • CompuClinic in Adelaide is a consumer electronics and IT repair and service business. We have been fully locally owned and operated for the past 10 years. The original organisation has been operating for more than 45 years on a national basis, providing repair and service solutions across a broad range of consumer electronic items.
  • CompuClinic in Adelaide operates as a service provider to the consumer electronics and IT industry, delivering on key national contracts for service and repair of major brands. We act as an agent within various larger service delivery networks and hold our own equipment and IT service contracts.
  • CompuClinic in Adelaide is committed to performance and provides a level of customer satisfaction far in excess of others in the industry. Our customers trust us because we actually do deliver a high level of service, not just say we do.

Technology Leaders

Technology Leaders

Our committment to technology innovation and training makes us the best choice

CompuClinic has always been at the forefront of Information Technology. Our staff were amongst the first to Computer Service Technicans in Adelaide. We stay ahead of the pack with ongoing training and development so that our customers can continue to trust us to solve the technology maze.