K-12 to College

Budget-wise choice for teachers and educators who change rooms frequently

Easy Setup

Displays connected input sources automatically

Visual PA

Instantly broadcast news and messages up to 350 characters

Wall Screen Support

Automatically adjusts for tone for color backgrounds, blackboard and whiteboards

Closed Caption

Provides on-screen visual representation of text

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Board

Dual Pens.  No Mirror.  3-D Ready. Remote Management. And So Much More…

The new interactive projectors from Mitsubishi offer virtually every feature to bring education to life.  Projecting an image of up to 180″ diagonally, the EST projectors transform traditional classrooms, into educational environments

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Classroom Projectors for Teachers & Educators on the Go

Mitsubishi classroom projectors are the budget-wise choice for teachers and educators who change rooms frequently. Stretch your budget by purchasing these compact models that can easily move among many locations. And though theft isn’t a pleasant subject, it is a reality. We include anti-theft security features in many installation and mobile projectors to help you meet the challenge of protecting your assets.

High Quality Classroom Projectors for Any Room Size

Do you need to build A/V or computer on wheels (COW) carts, or want to find an affordable projector to outfit every classroom? The Mitsubishi classroom projectors are the perfect fit for small to medium sized classrooms or teacher/professor training facilities. Subject specialists or mobile educators can easily pack up and take their mobile projector with them to project bright, clear images, even when you need to keep the lights up for note taking or in rooms with ambient light. For tight spaces, we offer an ultra short-throw projector that let’s you set up no more than 28 inches from the screen and still display a 60-inch diagonal image. You won’t be caught in the glare of the projector or cast a shadow onto the screen either.

Big, Brighter Presentations Captivate Your Students

Keep the attention of students in larger classroom lectures by using a Mitsubishi desktop classroom projector. Our ultra bright HD projectors fill your large auditoriums or rooms with full high definition images for HD video or computer data display. You’ll see a new level of performance for this category of classroom projector, with brightness and contrast you thought were available only in larger, more expensive models.

Show your school spirit in large lecture halls or gymnasiums

Immerse your students in your lecture with precise, life-like color so they can see the content and absorb the lessons from any seat in the room. Our Split Screen feature easily keeps your presentations on a single screen side-by-side with full size graphics that can showcase your entire story. And who wouldn’t want to see their face on the big screen? Mitsubishi widescreen professional or professional installation projectors rev up the crowd during pep rallies and other school functions.

Short Throw Bundles = Education Solutions

At Mitsubishi, we understand that a classroom sometimes needs more than just a projector to create an immersive environment. That’s why we offer educational bundles that, when coupled with our short-throw projectors, provide a complete and interactive presentation solution. Our first package combines any of our short-throw models with our adaptive wall mount, the PROJ-SWM.

Featured Product:  WD380U-EST

Using a large-diameter lens and optimal optical engine design, the WD380U-EST DLP projector features an extremely short throw ratio of only 0.375. Place the short throw projector as close as 80 inches to the screen and you’ll get large, wide screen projection can be enjoyed without visual interference.

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Contrast Ratio

Input Types

Special Features

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Projector Technology - How Projectors Work

Here, we’ll introduce you to the basic business and home theater projector technologies that make up our portable projector lineup, suggest some example uses, and explain some of the features that you might want to consider when purchasing a projector. The operation of today’s business and home theater projector systems is based on receiving an electric signal (either analog or digital) from a data source (computer, VCR, DVD, etc.), transforming the signal into an image, and projecting the image onto a screen. To do this, the signal must first be converted into a digital signal. If sent as analog, it is passed through an analog-to-digital signal converter. The digital signal is now ready to be processed into an image for projection. Currently, there are two technologies used in business and home theater projectors to display images: liquid-crystal display (LCD Projector) and Digital Light Processing (DLP Projector).

LCD Projector

For a LCD projector, the digital signal is processed to polysilicon panels. A light source is passed through a series of dichroic mirrors to separate the various color wavelengths and then through the polysilicon panels where activated pixels process the light into a final compiler before projection through the lens and onto the screen.

DLP Projector

With a DLP projector, the digital signal is processed to a DMDT chip. The light source is passed through a color wheel and onto the DMDT chip, and is then reflected off the chip through the lens and onto the screen. The introduction of this rather new technology has led to the further miniaturization of business and home theater projector systems.