Engage your publics & employees

Unmatched picture quality along with extended panel life for easy operation and long-term performance

Wide Range of Inputs

Analog & digital port for maximum flexibility control

Up to Full HD Resolution

Display information or signage in vibrant color quality

Power Saving

Built-in 24/7 Schedule for programming on/off operation


3 year, Express Replacement Warranty

Government Display Monitors

An LCD monitor can display your important information in building lobbies, customer service centers, public meeting rooms, employee break areas, or trade show booths. There is no need to print signs or posters when you have a widescreen display monitor to quickly change and customize welcome messages, instructions, data, human resources information, streaming video, or digital signage. And for the ultimate big-screen information display monitor we’ve introduced our Resolia 140-inch digital LED billboard.

Prove the Value of Your LCD Monitor Purchase

Need to prove the value of your new screens? Your numbers will pencil out better than ever when you choose Mitsubishi flat panel monitors:

  • Long 50,000 hour estimated backlight life, automatic power saving, and power cycling extends monitor life and avoids image persistence
  • Three-year warranty on LCD panels and monitor parts and labor includes extended support hours
  • Mitsubishi Express Monitor Official Service (MEMOS) eliminates shipping costs by providing service within 48 hours (For LDT and MDT Series Only)

Automate, Customize or Network Your Display Monitor

These specialized LCD monitors easily integrate with 3rd party touch overlays, control systems, and include a built-in message scheduler. A variety of networking options make them ideal for linked digital signage displays. They’re PC and MAC compatible with HDMI, DVI-D, BNC, and RGB (composite and component) interfaces for input quality and flexibility.

Fast, Clear Information Display

A Mitsubishi LCD monitor delivers faster video response, a wider viewing angle, and higher brightness and contrast. Use it as a single display or tile several into a dynamic video wall.

Backed By MEMOS (For LDT & MDT Series Only)

We eliminate shipping costs, and provide you with service within 48 hours with MEMOS, our exclusive Mitsubishi Express Monitor Official Service. You can also be confident with a 3-year warranty on LCD panels and monitor parts and labor behind every one.