Our History

We at CompuClinic know that to remain a leader in our field we need to constantly adapt to the changes in technology and at the same time be able to diversify and offer new services and products with the professionalism the name demands and the public have come to expect.

Hills Industries

CompuClinic has a trading history dating back to the early 1950's where it's original organisation, called Telefix, started delivery of services for the installation of Black and White Televisions and their associated antenna in domestic homes. Telefix grew as the number of televisions in people's homes increased. They also acquired a number of businesses that were well known throughout Australia. Hills Industries established a national service operation in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA were repurchased as part of a consolidation together with other businesses which were acquired as part of the establishment of a new national service group.

Hills Industries sold Telefix

Hills Industries sold their television repair interests in the late 1990's. The Hills Telefix businesses were then re-branded as Telefix. During the early 2000's, independent owners acquired interests in various state based operations including Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. In 2006 most of the remaining operation was acquired by AWA Limited, an Australian owned company, but the Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth operations remained privately owned.

CompuClinic in Adelaide

The Telefix in Adelaide operations were purchased by Giuliano Rech in 2003 and have remained locally owned and operated since then. Under the leadership of Giuliano, the business has intorduced the new traing name of CompuClinic so it can grow and diversify its operations. Due to this growth, CompuClinic in Adelaide moved to a larger and more prominant site on South Road at Hilton in 2007.

"The Four Way Test" of the things we think say and do

The Four Way Test of the things we think say and do


A message from the MD

We know that the customer determines if we are to be successful and for what reason. Our customers who keep coming back, bring us this success.

Giuliano Rech