Our Workplace

We continually strive to improve the quality of working life and business performance, reduce the risks of illness and injury and boost the well-being of our people.

Commitment to safety

Safety is CompuClinic's first and most important value. We consider the safety of our people, contractors and the public in everything we do. Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy sets out how every person working in our company accepts a personal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for themselves, their colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Commitment to the environment

At CompuClinic we are committed to minimising the environmental impacts and resource usage. Programs we have in place include reducing the rates of general waste and increasing recyclable streams. We aim to identify energy, water and waste reduction opportunities, through a staff-led culture of continuous sustainability improvement.

Work Life Balance

At CompuClinic we believe the healthier our staff, the healthier our business. We apply a balanced approach to staff needs as well as creating an awareness of things such as fatigue management, drug and alcohol use, occupational rehabilitation , health promotion and employee assistance. We encourage employees to ride, walk, use public transport or to carpool to work, and experience the health, financial and environmental benefits that come with leaving the car at home.

Charities Supported through staff fundraising:

Charities Supported through staff fundraising


What Staff Say About Us

CompuClinic provides me with a great working environment, great people to work with and the flexibility to balance my family committments. I love it here!

Leanne R